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DEPRECY SPECIALTY SERVICES LTD is a wholly Nigerian company incorporated under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are an indigenous company registered to provide integrated services ranging from turnkey Onshore and Offshore Pipeline intervention solutions to Under Pressure Leak Repairs, Hot Tapping, Composite and Structural reinforcement of crude oil storage tanks/pipelines, Pipeline/Flow-line Engineering, Fabrication and Construction, Procurement, Maintenance and Supply Services.
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    Composite Repairs

    Composite Repairs on Agip Crude Oil Storage Tank in Brass Terminal

    Composite Repair is a technology used for coating pitted and rusted pipeline surfaces. It re-enforces and strengthens Vessels and Pipelines whose wall thicknesses have been reduced by corrosion or erosion. This service can be performed online or offline by applying specially designed Fiber Glass materials or Epoxy Resins. With our proprietary framework technology, our clients are assured of the integrity of their assets during operation. We understand the importance of our clients assets and that is why we apply high level of safety and professionalism to ensure they remain in operation. In addition to proven results and diversity of applications, DEPRECY LTD’s composite repair technology delivers highly cost effective, fully engineered and validated solutions